Bounce House Safety Tips: How to Make Sure Your Kids Have a Safe Time!

Bounce House Safety Tips: How to Make Sure Your Kids Have a Safe Time!

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The sight of a bounce house can fill children with glee and make parents cringe at the same time. After all, these large, air-filled structures are built for jumping. There’s no denying the appeal of a bounce house.

Kids love them, and they’re fun to watch. To keep your children as safe as possible when they interact with an inflatable play structure, it’s important to understand the risks and how you can reduce those risks even further.

Keeping these three tips in mind will help you ensure your child has a safe time in a bounce house at your next party or event.

Check the Bounce House Before You Let Your Kids Jump
Before you let your kids jump in a bounce house, check the unit itself. Look for any frayed or broken ropes, patches or straps that might be worn, loose or broken.

Make sure the blower is working properly and that the house is fully inflated. Make sure the door is securely fastened and that there’s no exposed wiring. If something looks questionable, report it to the host or event organizer.

If your kids have been cooped up or are coming in from the cold, take a moment to inspect their hands and feet. Make sure there are no open wounds on their fingers or toes and that they don’t have any long nails.

If they do, have them clip their nails as close as possible to avoid accidentally scratching or cutting themselves in the bounce house. If you notice any of these issues, it’s better to wait until they’ve been addressed before allowing your kids to jump.

Once you’ve given the all-clear, remind your kids to jump safely and responsibly.

Supervise Your Children at All Times While They’re in the Bounce House
You may have heard about the “three-second rule” for watching your kids. The idea is that you should be actively supervising your children at all times — even for just three seconds.

It’s a good rule of thumb to follow while they’re in a bounce house, too. Kids might be excited to jump as soon as they get in the bounce house.

That’s normal — you were probably excited to jump, too, when you were a child. Once they’re in the house, though, they should be instructed to wait.

Your kids should know that they need to wait until every single person who is going inside the bounce house is in the house. You may also want to wait until the door is securely fastened.

Don’t Let Younger Children Jump Together With Older Children
There have been many cases of parents bringing their younger kids to a bounce house event and letting them jump with older kids. This is a big no-no for a couple of reasons.

For one thing, younger kids don’t have the same level of impulse control as older kids. Younger children also don’t have the same level of strength as older kids.

In a bounce house, this can lead to problems. If an older child accidentally bumps into a younger child, it’s the younger child who is more likely to be hurt. This is why it’s best to keep younger and older kids in separate bounce houses.

Alternatively, you can supervise the two groups of kids. This is a good idea if you want to keep younger and older kids together but don’t want to put anyone in danger. If you do decide to supervise two groups of kids, make sure you stay between the two bounce houses.

Bounce houses are supposed to be fun for everyone. If your kids are getting hurt or someone else’s kids are getting hurt, intercede as necessary. If you don’t know what to do, ask a parent or another adult to help.

If you follow these tips, your children will have a safe, fun time in a bounce house. You’ll also feel better knowing that you took the steps necessary to keep your child safe while he or she enjoys the fun of a bounce house.