Jmp4C P2P Vendors Table


Contact Person’s First and Last Name Contact Person’s Phone # Contact Person’s Email Name of Business
Lloyd Dobler 5559999999 [email protected] Astoria Media Group
Leslie Bivens 3252328042 [email protected] Life of Pie Abilene
Maggie Nease 3258297072 [email protected] The Toasted Traveler
Moi Garcia 3252805859 [email protected] Potosi Live
Jillian Fontenot 4095408422 [email protected] Jack & Jill’s Storybook Co.
Emily Westfall-Buck 3257214242 [email protected] Em and Em Face Painting
Leo Brownfield IV 3253389351 [email protected] Leos Warzone
Youlanda Hunter 325-518-5548 [email protected] Safe Families for Children
Drew Long 2817434401 [email protected] Abilene Axe Company
Amanda Peaslee 3256694454 [email protected] Peasleeā€™s Custom Designs
Tiffany Martinez 3254001123 [email protected] Whimsical Celebrations, Twister Tiffany
Emmanuel Huerta 13257336982 [email protected] Retro World Arcade
Jason Becton 3256695663 [email protected] May Farm